Montag, 2. Juni 2014

Some photos from the FIGZ

Last weekend was the FIGZ, the little fair organised through the guys from Benno's forum.

Around 900 kilometers drive from deepest Bavaria to the Netherlands was too much for me, but our friend Markus Schenk helped Andy to organise a little stand from Hagen there. Andy now sent over some photos which we thought we should put them on the blog.

Here we have Markus on our stand. I guess he paints figures for the actual diorama project:-)

Looks like Arnhem

 Balkan war 1912 - I would like to see some close ups !!!
 Markus once told me that Peter painted a unit of British WW1 tanks, all different from old photos. So I guess this is his work.
 The typical ACW wargame... Ok, my first was 1st Mannasses too
Conny's stand - and more important the place where you could get a beer on the right!!

 The overview - Small but nice
 Andreas at work
 Ah - this remembers me on our Pyrrhus dirorama. And the work I had to glue the pikes on the HAT figures and bringing them in position without breaking the pikes again...
Turkish cavalry - always an eye-catcher.

Well, what should I say to this stuff. In my eyes waste of material and time. But I fear a lot of collectors see it different and like the Fantasy stuff.

The Russian winter campaign from a different view
 This was one of my favourite Matchbox sets in the old days
 No fair without Waterloo:-)


  1. Well Uwe let me help you with some things! Markus wasn't painting, he was glueing some figures together for me! ;-)
    The tanks are from Hans with his Cambrai diorama. Still a work in progress but already impressive.
    The waste of material and time, a nice little (?) work from Andreas, won the first place at the FIGZ painting competition for multiple figures! ;-)
    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!


  2. And the bridge is actually the Pegasus Bridge set from Warlord Games used for a 28 mm game of Bolt Action by the guys of the Hired Guns

  3. No no - you must not be impolite about the Fantasy guys - they will put a curse on our dice. In truth, I have no problem with anyone doing Fantasy gaming (as long as it isn't me). except that there seem to be books of standard tables on everything, so that no-one is required to have any actual imagination.

    Regards - Tony

  4. Hi guys,

    thanks for the refreshing informations:-) Hm, gluing figures - I hope Markus had this Bontage glue. Otherwise it would have taken a long time.

    The tanks are really great!

    Some years ago I was with our diorama at the DUZI. In the same hall was the wargaming contest with Fantasy figures. When I passed by a table one of the guys cried out "no this is wrong, in the actual battles thousands of years ago the Orks charged down this hill, not the one you took" - Well I thouhgt I am living in another world:-))
    Hey Tony, I never have thought about the curse! Now I know why my back is soo aching from time to time....