Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2016

Some new figures in our shop

Last weekend I got a huge parcel from Andy with all the new sets he made the moulds in the last two weeks.

Several ancient sets from Darek, for example these ones

Roman civilians loading a wagon

Republican Roman infantry

Roman cavalry 3rd century AD

Also new Napoleonic sets like this great British staff I showed last week.

But also a big news is that Minairons decided to join our group too. So now we will have their complete range too. Interesting for those of you who want to safe postage.

My favourites are the Spanish regulares which I will use for the campaign in Morocco in the 1920ies

All the vehicles will come of course too.

Last but not least we were able to get the rights on the range of Uwe Ehmke's figures.
When we buildt the Apern diorama in 2009 Uwe sculpted for me nearly 100 masters for Austrian and French units. Sadly most of the moulds and masters are destroyed and I only have his castings which were not really perfect.

But we have surviving moulds of the Archduke Carl legion, a Freekorps which fought at Aspern. See here a photo from the diorama

And here the new figures

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