Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

Something from the Peninsular war

Yesterday I got my parcel from Andy with the new figures for the shop. When I wanted to put in the article in the shop I took the photos from the blog and thought the Portuguese look like British?

Ok, seems to have been a busy week. Now you have the real Portuguese on the former post.

Staying with the Peninsular war - in my old photos I scanned I found the diorama I started on Albuera 1811. The campaign of 1811 is in my eyes the most interesting in the war. And at Albuera we have a lot of Spaniards too, so very colorful.

These photos are now nearly 20 years old. I used British infantry in Belgian shako and had just a few metals in Peninsular uniform. The Portuguese are simply painted HAT British light infantry, the British heavy dragoons converted Italeri 1806 Prussian cuirassiers and a few metals. 
French horse artillery in Bardin uniform etc. etc. 

But today we are happy to have most figures available in 1/72. And the ones that are not, we simply make ourselves:-)

 Another mistake - Regiment Irlanda in dark blue....

Guardias Wallonas - Pieter already has them on his list for next years production:-)

Finally the photos from the Royal Fusiliers museum in the Tower in London

Steve has an interesting article on the Spanish uniforms at Albuera at his blog. I do not agree with everything regarding the British supplied uniforms in this period and prefer the more colorful versions in this period his article is a really great one. 

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  1. That makes more sense - very nice figures (both sets. Are the previous figures a specific British unit? Will you be doing some command figures (officer + ensigns) for the British line?

  2. True - no, there is no special British unit. We decided to make some of them without the knapsack. Sometimes they had just light equipment. My idea was to use them also for the Rio de la Plata. I already sent a file of Argentinians to Massimo.

    We want to cover the whole Peninsular war in the next 3-4 years. Already there are nearly 35 Sets in the pipeline from four guys sharing this project. A command set will come for sure.