Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

Charge of the ... Brigade

Well, everybody knows about the charge of the gallant 600 (or 680 as they really where).
A great feat of arms in British history - but without success.

But how knows about the charge of Bredow's Brigade of nearly 800 Prussian cavalry (Cuirassiers and Ulans) at the battle of Mars la tour?

They charged several lines of French infantry, artillery an cavalry and broke through them.
The Cuirassiers lost 7 officers, 189 men and 209 horses, the Ulans lost 9 Officers, 174 men and 200 horses.

The difference? The Germans succeeded in their task:-)

Here a diorama of flat to this subject.

Here some paintings on the subject

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  1. Light Brigade 680? Regimental Returns for the morning of the charge gives 673 but after that some took sick, one even lost his nerve and refused to Charge (Cornet John Yate 11th Hussars) The total Brigade combatants (from the regimental lists, excluding non-combatants ie; those sick or under Arrest on the day) was 658. Added to that, Lord Cardigan, his 2IC (Colonel Mayo), his ADC(Lt Maxse), Capt Nolan and 2 sardinian officers (Major Gavone and Lt Landriani). One, Private of the 11th, Jack Vahey who wasn´t on the Mornings regimental retuns (he was under Arrest) arrived just in time to take part and added to the regimental lists after the Charge and assistant surgeon Henry Wilkin also rode with them..making 666.

  2. This is the most shocking example of nit-picking ever.

    I have heard of this, and I think that the Germans deserve full credit for their charge, which succeeded...albeit against the French, so no better an opponent than Russkies, really.

  3. Great stuff...a great post and fabulous is a hobby after Paul's details too!