Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

Some new ideas for the French revolution.

Our range get's again some reinforcments.

This time it is the old Royal infantry of the early 1790ies. Here a plate from Patrice Courcelle

And here Massimo's latest masters to the subject.

Well, some French still had the tricorne. So my over 1000 painted figures from the Cuddalore diorama can be used again:-)

Another idea I have in mind since our trip to Switzerland is that the Russians looked very much like the late Prussians of around 1786.

So SYW Prussians could be useful not only for Russian troops, but also the cavalry of the SYW range can be used for the revolution too. Just put a feather on the hat.

See here from Friedrich a charge of Prussian cavalry in the SYW

And here some plates from the series of Thieme, dating 1792. Not to far away.

And we already have a lot of SYW Prussians from Rüdiger in our shop. Here for example his latest set, Cuirassiers.

2 Kommentare:

  1. Darf der interessierte Sammler auch auf "Kommando-Figuren" (Offizier, Fahnenträger, Trommler, UO) für die höchst attraktive Ancien-Regime-Infanterie hoffen?

    1. Aber sicher doch. Was wir machen, machen wir richtig:-)