Freitag, 22. Dezember 2017

Emperor Vespasian

This is a very special figure Stephan Berry asked for.  Vespasian one of my "favorite" Emperors of Rome, hero of a lot of novels and the one who said "Money doesn't stink"

Maybe you recognize the painting by Peter Conolly?

I already put the figure in the shop 

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  1. I recall a story about Vespasian - one of the smarter Emperors of Rome.

    Now, it was the practice of many Romans, especially enemies of the reigning emperor, to have horoscopes done to determine the likely fate of the emperor. Presumably it was to discover the likelihood of successfully carrying out an assassination or overthrow.

    Naturally, emperor's were apt to take a dim view of this practice, to the extent that whenever they heard of someone taking out such a horoscope, that person would find himself in ... erm ... mortal trouble.

    The Emperor Vespasian took a far more liberal approach. He took out a horoscope on himself. He never announced his contents, but whenever he hreard that someone else had, he would approach that person.

    "I've been told you have taken out a horoscope on me," Vespasian would grin.
    Pause, to let that sink in.
    "Good, isn't it?"