Montag, 27. Dezember 2021

Some scans from an old Fuhrmann-Catalogue - the metal figures, which were available in the 90ies

 ... at least in Germany. Beside Kai, we only had "Eagles Nest" who offered Hinton-Hunt and Qualitycast figures. No other stuff available here. 

Here some scans, I made of old, cheap catalogues. They themselves were simply figures, put on a scanner:-)

Ulf Debbeler Figures, Culloden and Custer-Range

Frank Germershaus figures. Even in this times, these were very hard to get.

The first Art Miniaturen. No more available since over 20 years now. Here Hanibal range and some Prussian Napoleonic Landwehr

The most interesting page:-) In these days, I made my first tries to convert figures and cast them in metal. As there were not really many figures on the market, I even sold some of them through Kai:-))

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