Freitag, 25. März 2022

Rüdiger Fischer's new AWI project

 In 1976 the German TV showed a 3-part-series about the Hessians in the AWI. The German title is Der Winter der ein Sommer war.

I have this series in my collection of historical movies. In the 70ies there were a lot of such series in Germany, usually well researched.

Now Rüdiger took on the project, decided for his scene the embarking of the Hessians 

I took a few of the photos from his homepage, the whole collection (and other dioramas) you can see here

BTW, the Grenadiers and Jäger sitting in the boats are available from Hagen Miniatures:-) 

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  1. Nice! Really nice work! And I see some really nice conversions!