Dienstag, 17. Mai 2022

Our Portuguese army gets some reinforcements

In my collection,  I have a nearly 30.000 painted British and French infantry. Usually people would create a Waterloo diorama with them. 

As I am often after the lesser known subjects, my decission was to create a diorama of the battle of Vitoria.  I have decided for this battle, as I could use the British with the Belgian shako. 

The next step would be to increase my Portuguese brigades. We have already the biggest part of the Portuguese units in our shop at Blackwatch miniatures.  

The only set I was not happy with, were the old Cazzadores, which we took over from Hagen. I have asked Massimo to increase the set to our usualy 12 figures and change the stupid pose of the running figure. We need a skirmish line for them. 

See here Massimo's result, already on the way to our caster in Spain:-) 

2 Kommentare:

  1. Sadly, though you may have improved the 'running' figure, I still dislike, and would not use the one you have shown in these photos. Nor do I see the point of a marching pose on what is supposed to be a skirmish line. So, two figures that I would consider useless and a waste of money to buy. Perhaps you should consider ditching these two poses and simply add two more of the already created firing poses. Cheers. Glenn.

    1. Hi Glenn,

      thank you for your interesting comment. I think you are right. The marching one is a left over from the old set.
      The figures are here, costs for masters and mold already paid.

      The question is, if we would produce another sets of charging and marching poses from one of the lesser popular units, would we able to cover the costs? It would be different with 95th rifles.

      I have a problem with ditching nice figures.