Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Pyrrhus - Projekt 2011

The anual diorama of our group for this years DUZI in October will be the battle of Asculum fought between Pyrrhus and the Romans.

It was the second battle of Pyrrhus in Italy. Here he fought with a mixture of his own Greek army together with the Greek South Italian city contingents and the Samnites and other Oscan speaking people against the Romans.

I had the idea of this diorama because we can use all the republican Romans from several manufactors as well as most of Alexanders army. And we have the Phalanx winning the battle against the Romans:-))

But the real eyecatcher will be the tank-battle on the Greek left flank. 19 of Pyrrhus elephants against the special anti-elephant wagons the Romans used there. Any Peters will again sculpt the wagons after drawings I gave him and he will create several figures we need to get the right poses. Starting with some more Samnites.

We have already 6000 figures painted so far, but not very balanced. So we need a lot more Romans, Greek Hypaspists as well as cavalry. If anybody wants to join us in the project and lent or sell some figures to me (us) I would be glad if he send me a mail.

The problem is (like in the Hastings diorama) that figures in this close order formations of 8 or 16 deep will cover little space. See for example here the first phalanx I glued on a base. 16x 16 = 256 figures with a standard-bearer and a (missing) fifer. 258 figures on a plate 25x45 cm.

So we will need thousands to cover a plate. Ok, see here the first phalanx in scale 1:1


  1. Du bekommst n Mail von mir ;-D

  2. Good Lord - that is amazing. Well done Sir!

  3. Thanks for your kind words and thanks for those who volunteered to take part in the project.

    Wait until you see the whole Greek army. So far we have figures for 12 Phalanxes!!! Hopefully the right poses we need to assemble them.


  4. Uwe que hareis con las figuras una vez expuestas las vendeis