Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

SYW in flat

Since friday I got several mails and reading on forum roumors about Italeri stopping the producion of 1/72 and Zvezda who doesn't want to make any SYW or Napoleonic figures. Well I always thought that some manufactors would go down, but I haven't thought about this two. Well, when Revell stoped around 10-15 years ago we thought this was the end. And how much stuff appeard since then.

Especially for the SYW I hope for HAT. And when they arrive, here is something I would like to copy in "our" scale.

Being a Bavarian I have the pleasure to have the Bavarian army museum in Ingolstadt within easy reach. If you have the chance to visit this museum, do it!!Beside a great collection of uniforms, paintings etc. they have several great flat-figure dioramas. One of them I want to show here. The battle of Leuthen with 17.000 figures. This is the first part of photos I have for this diorama. Imagine the same in 1/72:-)))))

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  1. Magnificent display - I saw some very similar in the toy soldier museum on Goslar.