Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Colonial conversions

Years ago I found some great photos of colonial conversions on Kai's homepage. I safed them all as they gave very good tips how to convert figures. As for example the conversion with simple oil colours which I tried too. It worked very easy.

Then a lot of other Derwish conversions. Try at the end of the page "weiter" to see some more.

Finally here some Afghans which I want to try for my next project, 2nd Afghan war.

 As for Afghanistan I had a talk with Sean from Newline design and asked him to expand his range of Afghan war figures with some regulars like this one.

And if you like some inspiration for this subject, you can also watch a movie:-) The Sepoys from the Guides in this headgear/uniform are available from Spencer Smith

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  1. Nice conversions..I will "steal" them for the enemy to my colonials :-D