Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

How our diorama group came to life

You may have seen the scans from our very first German 1/72 figure magazine. In this magazines Peter Herfen searched for volunteers to create a diorama of the battle of Gettysburg. Despite having bad experience around this time with another big German project in which a lot of people have lost their figures or got them back broken etc. Peter was able to gather collectors who lent figures for the diorama.

It took several years to bring it to life and it grow from year to year. I joint the group in around 2001 and in the end we had the diorama on display. Picket's charge in 1:1 with 25.000 figures at all on a plate around 80 meters in square. This was the start of our anual project with an inner circle of freaks who are searching volunteers for each future project:-)

See here some photos from this very first joined project:

I hope to find better photos in the future as there are a lot around. These I made with a very old camera in these days.

3 Kommentare:

  1. That looks absolutly amazing. Would love to see more photos.

  2. I´ve got a couple of photo´s ...somewhere on one of my many datenträger...I´ll have a hunt about.