Mittwoch, 29. Februar 2012

Skinners horse and Mysore cavalry

Tonight when I came home a parcel from Ingo surprised me. He has now casted the figures I ordered and of which I have shown the masters before. Well late in the night I wasn't able to resist and painted the first three figures.

Far away from the quality of TK, but that was all I was able to do at 10.00 pm tonight. I waited years to get this unit and now I simply wanted to paint some:-))

And for those of you becomming more interested in the subject, there are great books for cheap money from Leonaur books available. For example:

Lake's campaign in India

The recollection of Skinner of Skinners horse


  1. they look really cool. I can see why you couldn't resist painting them at 10:00 pm The helmates look like those of macedonian Cavalry of the 3rd Centuary BCE. I was so confused whwn I saw they were using guns ;-)

  2. Wow. Those are great pieces. Will they be available?