Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Wachau 1813

Before Wolfgang Mayer and friends started working on the Cröbern diorama (elsewhere on the blog)
they made a small and very fine diorama for the fighting at Wachau, part of the battle of Leipzig 1813.

I was lucky to get my hands on some of their Polish conversions these days. The Prussians are partly from Art-miniaturen. But my favourite on this diorama is the French battery!

I wish we would have the space to store our dioramas. Then we could make such dioramas too insteadt of our system which you have seen on the Pyrhus photos.


  1. A nice "little dio" !!
    Impressive work: it must be great to see it in reality. congrats for all the work: painting , background, the scenery!

  2. Really impressive !
    I like the effect of infantry lines in greatcoats.

  3. Awesome diorama! What a wonderful sight.