Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

And my next plans for the own production - Schutztruppe

You know I always have a lot of ideas in mind.

The Rocroi production goes forward, the 1870 French are available and the Bavarians are waiting to be casted now. Wellington in India got four new figures and I thought it is time for a new project.

This could be interesting for vignette collectors and big armies. You know my faible for colonials. Most of the figures available are British and just a few French.  As a German I wanted to cover my own countries colonial history too. So now I decided to start with the Herero uprising and the Nama campaign of 1904-05.

If you want more information on the subject in English take a look at Wikipedia. A group of Reenactors
has a homepage too. And for uniforms there is a great homepage about German colonial uniforms.

For the German readers it is very easy to find material on the subject. A lot of books were written before WW1 and even modern autors publishing from time to time. The modern ones you can see at amazon.

A German painter Carl Becker made a complete series of paintings for this campaig which I sent to Massimo to ask him to sculpt me some after them. You know he is a master of creating figure groups after a painting.

So these is what could be available this year

 So what do you think about this idea?

3 Kommentare:

  1. Hello Uwe, It's a great idea, German colonials are long overdue. I have been wargaming the WW1 campaign in German East Afrika for many years using H.G. Wells Little Wars rules, the figures are 54mm and all conversions, you can see some here:
    I'm also working on a Tsingtao project.
    Best wishes, Brian

  2. Not my period, but the drawings are very good and impressive!
    Exactly the subject and the scenes for Massimo !!
    Good idea!

  3. Yes please please please! German colonial figures would be splendid! So far all I know of are the HaT WW1 Askari that are pretty awful. I would even trade my khaki painted early WW1 troops with pickelhauben for some accurate German colonials!