Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Massimo's charge of the light Brigade

You know from my own production (ok, more the lesser aknowledged Turks:-I)) that I am also interested in the Crimean war. Well is there any period I am not interested?

Ok, Massimo sent this photos of his charge of the light brigade. When I counted right 52 figures and he wrote me that he has 20 unpainted ones more.

I always thought about creating a diorama for this attack as just around 670 horsemen are not as big a problem as we had in the past with for example 800 Austrian chevaulegers alone for Aspern.
We have the sets of Strelets and Emhar and several metals like Tumbling Dice and Douglas miniatures as well as old Minifigs S-range. But still to make it lively you need a lot of poses to mix. And you need casualities.

Massimo now offered to sell his complete charge for 800 Euro. Not too bad in my eyes and if I can scratch the money together I would think about it. But maybe you are faster?

If you are interested in the figures, send Massimo a mail at and I am sure he would be glad to give it away. But now see what you can get for your money

2 Kommentare:

  1. a real Master-Work!
    the sculpts and poses are awesome!
    Massimo is Great!

  2. Utterly wonderful. I am in awe. Such a pity 28mm sculptors don't put that sort of animation into their figures.