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17th window - more novels

I thought, I put the subject of historical novels in chronological order

There are several series of pirates, the most interesting here is "Seewölfe". All in all 760 novels, covering the whole world in the 16th century, so an interesting subject.

Wild West have some interesting series about the army like "Blauröcke" or "Fort Aldamo". In my eyes the most exciting is "Captain Concho". The heroes are a troop of around 75 Confederate cavalry, fighting themselves through the whole American Civil war. The series ends with issue 75. At this number there are just around 12 men left.

Before we come to World War One, there were several series of French Foreign Legion novels, most published before 1914, others again before WW2.

The titels of these series are:

Heinz Brandt der Fremdenlegionär
Fremdenlegionär Brandt (after WW2, just five magazines)
Erlebnisse Deutscher Fremdenlegionäre
10 Jahre in der Fremdenlegion
Norbert Falk in der Fremdenlegion

Again we have German heros, fighting all the French colonial wars.

As I wrote before, this was mostly propaganda to prevent German boys to join the legion.
Today there is another novel series called "Legion" with subjects of the FFLs history, mostly after WW2. This texts are much more different....

I will continue with WW1 novels in the next post

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