Samstag, 1. August 2020

Aztecs vs Spaniards

At our monthly collectorsmeeting yesterday night, as usual we painted figures together.

On Ebay I got a set of painted Revell Aztec warriors, which I thought are ok. But after another check, they needed much repair. The guys asked me why I paint such figures beside my WSS and WW2 Vichy figures.

Years ago I saw a wargame, where the guys showed a very long road for the Spaniards to fight themselves along at the "Noche Triste". Since then, I thought about the same subject. The biggest challenge will be the landscape.

My friend Alfred is also fond of the subject, here some figures from his collection

The subject is also covered in many flat figure dioramas like here in the Swiss museum at Morges

And finally the Noche Triste in Flats - from the Museum in Höchstädt. All in all a very colourful subject

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