Dienstag, 2. März 2021

SYW battle of Zorndorf 1758

 Rüdiger Fischer made some very impressing dioramas on the SYW. When he read, that we started to work on another one, he voluntered at once to help us. 

Charging cavalry is something, he already worked on. Take a look at his splendit Zorndorf Diorama and many others too. 

At Korbitz we have Austrian Cuirassiers, riding down Prussian infantry. The szene could be the same. 

Most of Rüdigers conversions are able in our shop and I hope to add much more figures for this subject to our ranges soon. 


  1. Very impressive! The 18th century are still rather rare at that scale, something like a graal for Napoleonics fans :)

  2. What a wonderful diorama Uwe. Congratulations to Rüdiger.
    Regards, James