Dienstag, 18. Mai 2021

World of Tinfigures at Katzelsdorf (Austria)

 In 2008, together with my friends John Cunningham, we made a trip through Austria. 

I have fond memories of this trip, with a sword-fight in the Roman museum Carnutum, good food, meeting friends in Austria and Hungary, visiting battlefields and museums.

We had the chance to visit the Zinnfigurenwelt Katzelsdorf, south of Vienna. When I was a child, I have seen a documentation of the siege of Vienna 1683. In this documentation I've seen many photos from the flatfigure diorama, which is now on display at Katzelsdorf. So, this stop was a must for me. 

See here some impressions from this visit

Marokko 1920ies

Essling 1809 

Siege of Konstantinopel 1204 AD

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  1. was it that long ago, was great trip, the flat diorama of Siege of Vienna was amazing
    cheers Old John